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  • Are you are a professional who wants to produce your own in-house Compliance training start to finish?

  • Are you looking for practical ways to update your offerings with micro-learning and learner-centric training?


  • Do you want to learn new skills to develop in your career?

  • Do you want to efficiently outsource your organisation's training needs in a way that is cost effective and produces better results?

    Great. You're in the right place.

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Head of Compliance:

"We need an entirely new training approach"

Head of Finance:

"We don't have the budget"

Compliance professional

"I don't have the time"

HR professional

"I don't have the skills"

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  • Master the Eight Mindsets of Effective Compliance Training 

  • Access coaching, feedback and support

  • Learn new skills

  • Find valuable complimentary resources

  • Make the leap to learner-centered, multi-channel education

  • Improve and better deploy your available resources, both in-house and outsourced

  • Produce engaging training efficiently and cost-effectively

  • Get ideas and inspiration

  • Access creative support


"The approaches used are innovative, and I find Nicole’s style flexible and timely - her professional background shows through. 

We wanted compliance training materials that challenge our people and promote debate about topics which traditionally have been covered in a very dry fashion. I’m very happy that the end results that Nicole produced do exactly what we wanted them to, and the initial feedback received has been very positive"

"Super fun and informative video, with a clear and simple message. As designers we need to be more aware of all the international concerns and this video helps communicate that succinctly"

“Nicole’s approach to presenting is unique and engaging. Nicole has given me a new level of confidence in presenting, and a new found enthusiasm for training. She will leave you with a completely different perspective on what makes people tick and a new set of skills for holding your audience’s attention and ensuring that your key messages are delivered” 

The Eight Mindsets Cohort

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The Eight Mindsets


Link to join our community and learn with other compliance and other professionals

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