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Entrepreneur Lite  
Complimentary tools,
insights & sessions

      Here’s what you get     

  • Access to the Eight Mindsets weekly group sessions dissecting world events

  • Complimentary access to Production Process Workshop sessions and replays

  • Monthly insights and articles not shared anywhere else

  • Complimentary tools/resources

  • Access to one Eight Minsets coaching sessions 

  • Extracts from our book/course

  • Access to our creative team for a fraction of usual the cost

  • PLUS the opportunity to be interviewed and appear on our Eight Mindsets Podcast to share your compliance story with the world and raise your profile. 

  • Three complimentary animated training videos on ethics and integrity for you to add to your organisation’s training program.

  • and a heaps more we’re just going to throw in regularly.

      Here’s how it works

  • All of the above is completely complimentary.

  • Once you register, which takes 20 seconds, you will receive a link in your email to access the Eight Mindsets Page.

  • The Eight Mindsets Page provides you with details of all of our complimentary events and courses and all of the complimentary resources which we will be updating. 

  • We will also be sending you an email once a week with details of all events and resources.

  • Just click the link below to join.


What are you waiting for? 

Entrepreneur plus
online coaching
& training community

      Here’s what you get     

  • Everything in Entrepreneur Lite plus:​

  • Weekly coaching sessions and personalised sessions on the Eight MindsetsProduction Process

  • A team of like minded professionals to bounce ideas around with and to provide you feedback on your training. 

  • Personalised feedback on your training challenges

  • Production Process Workbook to create any piece of training

  • Learn to tell your story to build rapport with your learners

  • Once you have produced your compliance story using the Eight Mindsets Production Process, we will produce the animation for you using our artists and animators at cost

  • Complimentary access to a suite of animated compliance training for you to use in your organisation to compliment any custom training you produce. 

  • Learn to effectively Project Manage any piece of training 

  • Learn to be an effective Learning Services buyer​​​

  • Learn to effectively re-use, broadcast & distribute training

  • Learn to use authoring tools to create training for your LMS

  • Learn when to implement & when to outsource each Mindset​

      Here’s how it works

  • There’s a small monthly fee

  • No lock in contract

  • No online payment - we send you an invoice

  • Direct access to Jason and Nicole - no admin team or robot!

  • Click below to enquire and we’ll send over details or have a chat with you


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