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Jason Meyer: Jason is a business owner, a practicing lawyer, a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional and a former C-Suite executive, journalist and broadcaster living in New Jersey.


He is recognized  thought leader in compliance education, e-learning, and ethical leadership. His passion is bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to professionals in organisations. 

Nicole Rose: Nicole is a rare breed of lawyer, risk and compliance professional, artist and psychology enthusiast living in Sydney (and originally from London)


She has 25 years’ experience working with organisations including Aon, Airbus, Rio Tinto, Rabobank, Rolls Royce, Trace, LinkedIn and Microsoft. Nicole’s passion is bringing creativity to ethics and compliance.

  • Meet and share experiences with a cohort of diverse and accomplished compliance professionals, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Together, we break down real life events and distill the learning moments for our organisations and personal lives. 

an amazing cohort

 turn your knowledge into a learning experience for others

  • You’ve got the depth of knowledge and experience, so you’re best placed to produce your own great   training. We’ll show you how. 

  • You can use these skills to create any type of training or presentation whenever you need it and whenever you want to use it. 

  • Using the right side of your brain to create ‘something out of nothing’ is not just fun allowing you to use your creative juices, but research shows that using your creativity at work allows you to problem solve in other areas and be more efficient and innovative

  • Plus you get to learn the Eight Mindsets of Effective Compliance and Ethics training and gain skills in advertising, promotion, broadcasting, distribution, buying, directing, script writing and communications.

Creativity and
skill acquisition

What people are saying about
Nicole and Jason’s work

"I enjoyed yours and Nicole's session yesterday. We're DIY training people and I could identify with a lot of your suggestions/insights".

"Great session, thank you! Love the compliance Anthem idea"!

"I can't tell you how much I appreciated your presentation. Both you and Nicole were fantastic. It helps knowing that we're sharing many of the same experiences".

"We outsourced many of our training course for several years and found that we ended up needing numerous customizations. We've now switched to developing our courses in house and this has been very successful for us. The internally-developed courses are much more relatable to our business".

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"Very innovative and "now" perspective. Great session, thanks".


Barrister, Solicitor, CEO of Kaizen Solutions Consultants

"The sessions with Jason and Nicole are a refreshing ensemble of both topical issues and thought provoking views and opinions. Their compliance experience and presentation skills gives the sessions I have attended with other attendees an informal  atmosphere of sheer intellect delight garnished with some down to earth brutal honesty - something lacking in today’s world...!!"

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