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Complimentary Resources to guide, inspire and motivate you to produce your own effective in-house training 

The Eight Mindsets of Highly Effective Compliance and Ethics Education 

We believe that there are 8 Mindsets that are needed to produce effective Compliance and Ethics training. Some of these you may already have and some you may wish to develop or outsource.  

Training Takeaways and Training Shorts

Access our 2 min ‘Shorts' Video and Takeaway pack from each of our webinar sessions 

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Learner Centric Slides

Learning Centric Powerpoint
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1.  Mindset of an Entrepreneur
2.  Mindset of a Learner
3.  Mindset of an Advertiser
4.  Mindset of a Story-Teller
5.  Mindset of a Producer
6.  Mindset of a Collaborator
7.  Mindset of a Program Executive
8.  Mindset of a Buyer

We are often asked a question about what animation software we would recommend for people in-house to create their own animations. In response, we have created this resource to share the animation software we have either used or we have seen on the market, and a few additional tips.

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