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Nicole​ Rose, Director Create Training, Lawyer and Risk and Compliance Professional for over 20 years. I am also an artist and a creative.Since founding Create Training in 2012, we have produced online training modules, animations, videos and virtual and face-to-face training sessions that engage learners and are designed to change behaviours and improve compliance.  Create Training was one of the first organisations to bring micro-learning to Compliance training and our training is used by hundreds of thousands of learners around the world. My goal with Training Hats is to inspire other professionals (whatever their background, skill and experience) to produce training that changes compliance behaviours by translating critical compliance and ethics messages in such a way that every person in an organisation can understand what Compliance means to their role.  

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Jason Meyer, President LeadGood, LLC

In an environment when success in organizational training and communications requires that one maintain several different mindsets simultaneously, I have been fortunate to have worn many of those hats!

I’m a business owner, a practicing lawyer, a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP), and a former C-Suite executive, journalist and broadcaster. I’m honored to be recognized as a thought leader in compliance education, e-learning, and ethical leadership.

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A message from Nicole and Jason​

In 2020, after the pandemic hit everyone around the world, we took a step back to understand what we could do to help our clients and our colleagues in the Compliance profession. We were aware that budgets were getting tighter, demands of people's time higher and that Compliance was more important than ever.  It was at this time that we produced an open letter for organisations to use for their people, clients and colleagues called 'People Power'. We produced this along with a few other leaders in the Compliance and training industry to support organisations who wanted to send their message of thanks to their people and clients. The video is below.

Due to the tremendous feedback from this initiative we realised a few things: 

  • Organisations were calling out for short videos and their own in-house training that had a more personal approach

  • We had a mountain of knowledge to share about how to produce training, both bringing different skills to the table.

  • We had learned what good and bad training was through experience, mistakes and learner feedback from the hundreds of organisations we have worked with across numerous sectors.

  • We were both self-taught when it comes to producing training and used the same production process used by the film industry when creating training. Using these methods, we consistently produced training that people not only enjoyed but that produced behaviour change. 

  • Finally, and most importantly, we both love teaching and coaching people.

So, in order to support both our clients and our colleagues in Compliance, Legal, HR, at Universities and other professionals in-house, we founded The Eight Mindsets. The Eight Mindsets s combines our knowledge, skills and passion to provide a step-by-step guide, resource and support to help anyone produce their own in-house training on any topic.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Nicole and Jason

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