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  • Anyone responsible for building a culture of compliance and/or in-house training.

  • Whether you are an entire team or an individual responsible for training people in your organisation you will benefit immensely.

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How the Program works

  • You tell us 1 to 3 critical training courses you need to create

  • We work with your team over a 6 to 12-week period to teach them skills and work with your team to create training

  • During the program we provide weekly training, coaching and feedback sessions

  • Your team learns skills to help them to produce their own training courses

  • We provide you with creative support to ensure that your critical training is created by the end of the program

Outcomes of the Program


Build your own training: We will work with your team to support you all to produce your own compliance training to load on your own Learning Management System (LMS) as a SCORM file or add to external LMS.

Produce your own training with external providers: We will teach you how to produce the bulk of the training yourself and how to hire providers for some o the more technical or creative parts.


Outsource the whole process: We will teach your team how to manage third party providers to produce cost efficient training.


10 Reasons to work with us

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