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A big thank you from Jason and Nicole you for attending the Eight Mindsets session at SCCE's 20th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute on 22 September.

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The first and sixth episodes Jason and Nicole produced for NACD for the first series in the Year in the Life series. Click on the images to watch the 3 minute videos to see how they developed the character of Jane from new board member to confident diplomatic and assured board member.

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On this page we have provided you with some materials from the Eight Mindsets session. These include:

The slide deck from Jason and Nicole’s presentation. Just click on the image to access the slides.

We’d love to share with you some other complimentary resources that we have produced.  These include slides, video and Workbook for our Eight Mindsets methodology the Reframe, Pre-frame, Post-frame (RPP) Method.  To access these, simply leave us your name and email and we will send these to you. We promise you – you won’t be disappointed. 

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Join the Eight Mindsets cohort

Meet and share experiences with diverse and accomplished compliance professionals, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Together, we break down real life events and distill the learning moments for our organisations and personal lives. 

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